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Why Should Your Business Undertake a Digital Transformation?


A European Investment Report 2021/2022 stated that “ the COVID-19 pandemic has increased the demand for digitalisation, and 46% of companies reported that they have grown more digital”.  They concluded that “Firms that adopted digital technology were better prepared to deal with the pandemic’s disruptions”.

So companies that do not embrace digital technology are going to find it increasingly difficult to remain competitive.  JotForm was founded to help business owners improve administrative efficiency, add value and provide a way of collecting big data to promote innovation.  

The aim of this post is to provide you with an overview of JotForm and its core features.

The Jotform Key Features


JotForm is an online form builder that makes it easy to create online forms and collect important data.  Founded by Aytekin Tank in 2006, with the Head Office in San Francisco and offices in London and Turkey.

Since 2006, they have provided their service to over 15M users, hosted 20M forms and produced 10K form templates. As well as developing integrated tables, apps and a report building tool.

The software has many use applications for companies of all shapes and sizes.  You can produce digital forms using conditional logic, accept payments, generate reports and more.  In this post we are going to explore JotForm’s key features.

JotForm was founded by Aytekin Tank in 2006

Form Builder – (for creating and publishing online forms)


The JotForm form builder is a no code platform that allows the user to produce professional looking forms.

The basic editor allows you to select and add form elements easily to your forms.  This enables you to collect data from your users quickly and efficiently.

Using the form editor you can select from basic elements such as name, email, and phone numbers.  You can also take appointment bookings, collect signatures and upload files.

JotForm enables integration with over 30 payment gateway providers including PayPal, Stripe and Go Cardless.  Once you integrate your payment gateway, you can collect one-off fees, subscription payments and donations.

If you can’t find what you need in the basic elements list, check out the widget section.  You can choose from hundreds of widgets including video, social media and maps and place them into your forms. These widgets can make your forms stand out, engaging your users for more impact and increased completion rates.

PDF Editor – (for document generation)


JotForm PDF Editor  to turn your response data into shareable, printable, and downloadable PDF documents.  You can also use the editor to create PDF documents or PDF forms from scratch.

The PDF editor is a very useful way of automatically sharing information collected from your users via, the email autoresponder and notifications settings.  We used this function in our Fire Docs Pro app build.  The app allows users to complete risk assessments and automatically send PDF copies to those who need them.

Mobile Forms – (to collect data and edit forms from anywhere)


JotForm provides is the ability to collect data no matter where you work.  With JotForm you can built, manage, and complete you forms on a computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.  You can also collect data offline that makes it easy to use wherever you go, even without the internet.

There are many uses for JotForm Mobile Forms including:


  • Inspection forms
  • Incident reporting
  • Signup forms
  • Restaurant and retail feedback forms
  • Survey forms

Tables – (to collect, organize, and manage data in an all-in-one workspace)


When your form has been completed you need a space to collect organise and review the dataJotForm Tables is an ideal environment to do just that.  A table is created when you produce a form and is automatically populated with submission data.

You can import CSV or Excel files directly into JotForm Tables, to work with your existing data.  When you upload a file, a form is automatically formulated, so you can continue to collect the data.

The share function allows you to set who can view or edit data submissions on the table.  You can also easily change the way you view your data by using card, calendar, and report views in different tabs.

Approval Flows – (to automate your approval process with ease)


Approval Flows allow you to set out automatic approval processes attached to responses on your forms.  A good example of this would be an employee holiday request.  The employee would complete a form requesting holiday between 2 dates.  This would automatically be sent to their line manager and the submission entered onto the table.  The line manager checks the holiday calendar and either approve or deny the request.  An email with the response would be automatically sent to the employee.

The approval flow builder is very simple to use and once set works automatically.

Report Builder – (to visualize and present your data in seconds)


The JotForm Report Builder auto generates reports from the data received from your form submissions. You can share your reports via a link or download as a presentation in PowerPoint or as a PDF.

You can choose from extended or compact design options and your live reports add new form data automatically after every submission. The slides are full customisable, so you can set your company branding.

Another great feature is that you can generate an embed code, to share your reports in real time on your website.

JotForm Apps


JotForm Apps are a new feature that we are very excited about.  One of the issues we had when first using JotForm was the need to share each form individually to our users.  We really wanted to be able to offer full access to all our forms in one go.  I am sure they had a lot of requests for this, and we are very grateful that they developed JotForm Apps.

The app builder lets you add forms, widgets, products, and your branding to one fully customised app.  You can share the app with your team or customers and can be downloaded onto any smartphone, tablet, or computer.

JotForm have developed over 300 app templates that demonstrate the wide variety of uses.

JotForm Store Builder


The JotForm Store Builder is the latest development announced in June and is another great JotForm feature.

JotForms Store Builder was developed to help users create a mobile storefront for a small business, entrepreneurship, healthcare practice or a non-profit organisation. You can sell products, services, and subscriptions; collect donations and receive payments, it’s an incredible additional feature.



JotForm pricing is reasonable, especially when you consider that all the features we have discussed are included.  The price you pay will vary depending on your usage.  Please check out the prices via this link – Prices.


Our Recommendation


We spent some time developing Fire Docs Pro that is part of our business portfolio.  The app provides a software solutions to produce digital risk assessment and company record forms, that can be completed on or offline.  We tried several form and app builders whose prices and features varied significantly.  Some charged per user which proved to be unsustainable in our membership model.  Some also wanted more than £12,000 to develop an app to collect data.

We discovered JotForm and it seemed a great fit and was reasonably priced.  We have been very pleased with the support that they have provided throughout.  They continue to develop features and we would highly recommend JotForm to any of our clients who need it.


We Can Help


With a form builder like JotForm you can build basic small business forms yourself.  However, no matter what anyone says you will have to spend valuable time learning how to use the software.

We have already completed the training and produced a lot of forms and built some great apps. 

Please check out the rest of the website and contact us if you would like to start a project.

Some of our work using JotForm

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