Jotform Apps Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

JotForm Apps are a new feature that we are very excited about.  In this post we will answer some of the JotForm App FAQs.  One of the issues we had when first using JotForm was the need to share each form individually to our users.  We really wanted to be able to offer full access to all our forms in one go.  I am sure they had a lot of requests for this, and we are very grateful that they developed JotForm Apps.

The app builder lets you add forms, widgets, products, and your branding to one fully customised app.  You can share the app with your team or customers and can be downloaded onto any smartphone, tablet, or computer.

JotForm have developed over 500 app templates that demonstrate the wide variety of uses.


JotForm pricing is reasonable, especially when you consider that all the features are included.  The price you pay will vary depending on your usage.  Please check out the prices via this link – Prices.  Your plan is only limited on the number of forms you can build, form responses and storage space. It’s hard to believe that your Jotform plan also includes limitless use of the App Builder.

Difference Between Apps and Forms?

With Jotform you can produce electronic forms that can be shared with your team and customers.  Before JotForm Apps was developed you would have to share each form individually.  With JotForm Apps you can group forms together and provide instant access to all of your team and customers in one go.

Do I Need an App Store or Google Play Account

Simple answer is no, there is no option to share your App with the app Store or Google Play.

How to Share Your App

You can share your app via a public access link, invite users by email or share a QR code.  Anyone with a link will be able to access your app and its forms.  If you want to restrict access you can enable company use and apply your company domain so only your team, with an email address tied to your domain can use the app.

Push Notifications

Push notifications aren’t possible at this time, but JotForm have had a lot of support requests for this feature.  If they decide to go ahead with developing this feature I will let you know.

Can Apps be Used to Book Appointments 

Yes! Your apps are powered by your forms, so you have the same functionality you do in forms. Just set up a form to accept appointments and add that form to your app. You can then share your app to start letting people book appointments.  Click here to view some appointment form templates or learn more about how to set up the appointment field to meet your scheduling requirements.

Our Recommendation

We spent some time developing Fire Docs Pro that is part of our business portfolio.  The app provides a software solutions to produce digital risk assessment and company record forms, that can be completed on or offline.  We tried several form and app builders whose prices and features varied significantly.  Some charged per user which proved to be unsustainable in our membership model.  Some also wanted more than £12,000 to develop an app to collect data.

We discovered JotForm and it seemed a great fit and was reasonably priced.  We have been very pleased with the support that they have provided throughout.  They continue to develop features and we would highly recommend JotForm to any of our clients who need it.

We Can Help

With a form builder like JotForm you can build basic small business forms yourself.  However, no matter what anyone says you will have to spend valuable time learning how to use the software.  We have already completed the training and produced a lot of forms and built some great apps.

Please check out the rest of the website and contact us if you would like to start a project.


Disclaimer – Please note that I am an Affiliate Partner with JotForm. If you click on any of the links in this post and purchase a JotForm account, we will receive a commission.

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