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Choosing the right WordPress hosting service for your small business website is very important. Your website’s security and performance will largely depend on the host that you choose.

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Choosing a WordPress Hosting Service


As website owners, we know how important it is to select the right hosting service for your website.  But how do you know which one is the best WordPress hosting service?


Whichever host you’re going to choose, keep in mind the 5 most important factors of a WordPress hosting are:


  • It should meet WordPress’s latest server requirements
  • The faster, the better
  • Uptime constantly above 99.95%
  • They should help you with WordPress related questions and provide great support
  • Pricing should be fair and upfront


We’ve Got You Covered

We always recommend our WordPress website hosting, because we use it for our websites and know its a great and reliable service. 


We know that our sites are working well, secure from hackers and completely covered in the unlikely event that something went wrong.




  • Ideal for small simple sites
  • 1 WordPress site
  • 5,000 monthly visits
  • 5GB disk
  • 20GB bandwidth


  • Our most popular single‑site plan!
  • 5 Page Website
  • 25,000 monthly visits

  • 10GB disk

  • 50GB bandwidth

Multi Site


  • A great setup for your growing website list
  • 10 Website
  • 100,000 monthly visits

  • 20GB disk

  • 200GB bandwidth

Peace of Mind

We Take Care of Everything

WordPress updates, security, performance, you name it – we will handle it. In the long run this absolutely winds up saving you time, money, IT resources and so much more.



Top-Notch Security

We stay on top of the latest security vulnerabilities and will proactively block threats whenever we can. IF (and that’s a big “if”!) your site is somehow compromised we will work with you to fix it for free.


Server Resources

Your Site Gets Its Own Dedicated Resources

With our platform (powered by Google Cloud), you don’t share resources like you do on shared hosting. This means no one’s site will interfere with your performance or security; it’s safe and sound!



We Have Got Your Back

We provide collaborative via live chat, phone, or email. When you start a chat, you’ll get a real-live human on the other end (not just some robot!).



Managed Hosting Is Really Fast

We have ensured that the servers are set for optimal WordPress performance and configures all the caching, so you don’t have to set up caching plugins or worry about your site speed.


Our Commitment


Provide great customer service

To look after our employees

Being fair with suppliers

To make a positive contribution to society

To reducing our environmental impact

Website Hosting Strong Points

We Take Care of Everything

WordPress updates, security, performance, you name it – we will handle it. In the long run this absolutely winds up saving you time, money, IT resources and provides piece of mind.

We Help & Support You

The platform we use is built to ensure your website is up and running properly. So, in a nutshell, this means you can stop worrying about the servers, hackers and your site performance and instead spend that time running your business.


JSL Online Can Help


JSL Online help you with your small business marketing, whether that be sales funnels, social media planning or your website: we’re here to help. We can help you build a successful brand and marketing strategy, without you wasting time or spending a fortune.

Website Development

Whatever your small business focus is, a great website is an essential part of your marketing strategy.

Website Maintenance

We offer a WordPress website maintenance service so you can focus on your business.


Our powerful WordPress hosting platform will ensure your website loads fast, is secure, and performs perfectly.

Pipedrive CRM

Collect customer contact information and create easy to follow, automated sales pipeline processes. Pipedrive CRM helps you focus on the actions required, to make more sales.

Competitor Research

Who are your competitors and how do they engage with their customers? What can you learn from them to get ahead of the game?

Marketing Funnels Simulation & Development

Marketing funnels help to simulate your customer journey and the potential profit, from your marketing campaigns.

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