Introduction – 10 Reasons Why We Love to Use Divi


When we first thought of starting our agency, we knew that we wanted to work with start-ups and small businesses.  We also understand that producing a website from scratch by writing the code, would make our sites both complicated to build and expensive.  We know from experience that starting up a new business is costly.  So, we have to looked at ways that we could produce great websites, at a reasonable cost to our customers.  We have looked at a few website page builders including, Beaver BuilderElementor and Divi.

After careful consideration we decided to use the Divi Theme from Elegant Themes.   In this post we are going to discuss the 10 reasons why.


1.  No Coding


Building a website from scratch using code requires allocating time to learn JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP, etc.  The main benefit for using WordPress and Divi, is that this deep dive learning is not required.

WordPress is a simple content management system, that can be used to produce websites.  It is basically a tool that you can use to manage content, without knowing how to code a website yourself.   WordPress does contain a basic content editor, but it’s a little clunky, although it’s getting better after each update.  Adding a theme and page builder like Divi,  greatly enhances your building experience and ability to produce stunning websites.


2.  Themes


At the time of writing this post, the Theme Library has 264 layout packs spanning a wide range of business categories including, service industries, online stores, and education.  The themes are beautifully designed and completely customisable to match your brand.


3.  Divi Visual Builder


Divi is more than just a WordPress theme, it’s an ever-improving website building platform that replaces the standard WordPress post editor with an incredible visual editor.  The visual builder allows you to build out your website on the front end.  So, you see how your sight will appear rather than looking at lines of code.


4.  Great Design


The divi themes are built by designers and are responsive, so look great on any device. They bring out new designs every week, and produce great blog posts and video tutorials to show you how to edit them.

Elegant Themes have also developed the Divi Marketplace.  You can find some great resources including child themes, extensions and layouts all designed by the Divi community.  Anything on the Marketplace will have been checked and are generally very reasonably priced.


5.  Additional Features


When you sign up for Divi you get some extra benefits on top of the Theme and the builder.  Not only do you get access to many layouts, but also the Bloom and Monarch plugins:

  • Bloom email opt-in plugin, that will help you get more email subscribers
  • Monarch social media sharing plugin


6.  Divi Cloud


Elegant themes have recently launched Divi Cloud, this works like Dropbox for your Divi Websites.  When you are building out your site you can save layouts, sections, rows, and modules to Divi Cloud.  When you save something to the cloud, it will be available on all of your websites, so you can use them whenever you want on any site.


7.  Hosting


Where you host your website is a very important decision.  Building a great website and then hosting it on an unreliable platform, is not good for your business.  Divi have partnered with leading hosting companies to bring you the most reliable Divi-compatible service.  We provide hosting for all our website builds using Flywheel, who are part of this partnership with Divi.

When we first used Divi site speed was an issue, however recent improvements to Divi code and partnership with the leading host providers have resolved that.


8.  Price


Elegant Themes have a very simple pricing plan for Divi.  You can purchase a yearly subscription for $89 or a lifetime access package at $249.  Either option provides you with a full licence that includes:

  • Divi, Extra, Bloom and Monarch
  • Hundreds of website packs
  • All updates
  • Premium support
  • Unlimited websites


9.  Our Recommendation


When we came across Divi 3 years ago, it was a great product.  Since then, Elegant Themes have continued to develop it out and they have blown our mind with the added features and performance of the visual builder.  We can hand on heart say that we made one of our best decisions ever when we decided to purchase the lifetime package.  Their support is fantastic and provided at a level that we aspire to.


10. We Can Help


With website hosting platforms like Wix and Godaddy you can build a basic small business website yourself.  Using WordPress and Divi will make that process easier.  However, no matter what anyone says the learning curve is steep.  It will take you a lot of time and effort and you are likely to end up with a website that is not as good as your competitors.

Building a webpage is one thing, setting up a website that is designed well and technically sound for SEO purposes is a different proposition.  We specialise in helping small business get their web presence right first time, this saves our clients time and money, helping them to get their business where they want it to be.

Contact us if you would like to start a conversation using the contact form below.


Divi – Disclaimer

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