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Who are your competitors and how do they promote themselves on digital platforms.  Do they do it better than you do?  It’s time to complete a competitor research project and find out!


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Understand Your Compertition


Understanding your competition is a very important part of running your business.  As you know running a small business takes up a lot of your time.  Completing regular checks on your competitors can be complicated and time-consuming.


JSL Online offer a customer research project service.  By investigating your competitors’ digital footprint, we will provide you with information about how they present themselves to their customers.  This will also help you to develop your own digital footprint and avoid the mistakes they make.


We provide research information on your main competitors, relating to:


  • Their financial position 
  • Website construction and functionality
  • Social media platforms, set up, posting style and any add campaigns they use
3 Competitors


6 Competitors


9 Competitors


Problem Resolution

Our competitor research service will help you develop your sales funnels and get ahead of your competition.  Take advantage of this offer and save your time, time that could be better spent running your business.


Our Competitor Research Services

Some new business owners might think that they have no competition, but every one of them does.  You will need to compete effectively against other businesses, whatever product or service sector you are in.  We can help you work out what your competitors are doing in the digital world to communicate with their customer.  We will take the added task off your shoulders allowing you the freedom to work on other things.

Our Commitment


Provide great customer service

To look after our employees

Being fair with suppliers

To make a positive contribution to society

To reducing our environmental impact

Competitor Research Strong Points


We will present the information in an easy to read format, that can be used to present to other members of your team or investors.


You can use the information to formulate your own digital strategy with confidence, knowing that you are getting ahead of the competition.


Can you imagine the amount of time that it will take you to learn how to do this and the amount of stress, time and money it will cost you? 


JSL Online Can Help


JSL Online help you with your small business marketing, whether that be sales funnels, social media planning or your website: we’re here to help. We can help you build a successful brand and marketing strategy, without you wasting time or spending a fortune.

Website Development

Whatever your small business focus is, a great website is an essential part of your marketing strategy.

Website Maintenance

We offer a WordPress website maintenance service so you can focus on your business.


Our powerful WordPress hosting platform will ensure your website loads fast, is secure, and performs perfectly.

Pipedrive CRM

Collect customer contact information and create easy to follow, automated sales pipeline processes. Pipedrive CRM helps you focus on the actions required, to make more sales.

Competitor Research

Who are your competitors and how do they engage with their customers? What can you learn from them to get ahead of the game?

Marketing Funnels Simulation & Development

Marketing funnels help to simulate your customer journey and the potential profit, from your marketing campaigns.

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