Social Media for Your Small Business

As a small business social media is an invaluable tool to promote your small business for a low cost. However for many social media can be a confusing and intimidating space to promote your small business. Hopefully this post can help.


01 Which Social Media Platform to Use for Your Business?

Which social media platform should you focus on is an important choice to make? If you work in a B2B sector, then LinkedIn is a more relevant platform to focus on. If you are a service orientated company then Twitter, with its ability to engage quickly and directly with customers is invaluable. Don’t forget video platforms such as YouTube can also greatly increase brand awareness. Using social media for small businesses is all about maximising your appeal to their algorithm. Essentially the way it works is you need to hit a threshold of interaction (or engagements) for your content to appear for more people. A big part of this is knowing your audience.

02 Knowing Your Audience and Their Social Media Habits

You can use available research online and the social media platforms reported metrics to identify and target the demographics that are relevant to your small business. By knowing your audience, you can then know where, what, when and why to post. For instance, posting at 9am on Facebook to reach people logging in as they get to work. Some demographics may be more active outside office hours. In that case you can use various social media tools to automate a post.

03 Which Social Media Tools to Use?

You may have a preferred social media platform that you spend the majority of your time online using such as Facebook or Twitter. However, it’s preferable to have a presence on each social media platform in order to reach the most potential customers.  In reality this may not be a wise time investment creating posts for each platform.

Using tools such as Hootsuite or Promo Republic you can automate posts on multiple social media sites. Then even create an entire campaign week in advance. So, you can then focus on using that time previously spent engaging with customers directly in the comments.

04 Include Content in Your Social Media Posts

Social media is driven by engagement. Consumers of the platform engaging with a post is determined by many factors. However, there are a few methods you can use to maximise your level of engagement. Including content with your post such as images and video can dramatically increase the engagement of a post.

Typical of internet culture a post including a picture of a cute animal invariably will gain more attention. If you have a store cat for example, create a post involving them. Or you could even create their own Instagram account, dramatically improving the engagement of your posts and brand awareness.

05 Using Social Media Platform Ads

So, you’ve found your demographic, their preferred social media platform and the time that they’re online. You can also use tools within said platform to create an Ad campaign that will drive customers to your website. Facebook Ads for example uses their algorithms and insane amount of user data to drive your Ad to the most relevant consumers. This then leads to a much higher Click Through Rate (CTR) and therefore sales of your product/service. Managing this Ad spend is easy and you can choose the amount you want to limit your Cost per Click (C2C) to stay within your budget.

In conclusion, knowing your audience and creating compelling content for them is invaluable. You can reach demographics who are relevant to your small business easily. Using social media as a means to keep marketing costs low and appeal directly to people who your product/service will appeal to. You can also use Marketing Funnels to calculate this ad spend and simulate the response.

Thank you for reading. Hopefully this has helped give you a few tips on how to approach your use of Social Media for your Small Business. If you have any questions or for more insight you can contact us at JSL Online or follow us on Social Media. 

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